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Aazis Plus Knee & Shin Guard - CLEARANCE

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AAZIS™ Plus Soft Knee & Shin Guard

Product Description:

Right materials, right places. Kali Protectives continues this product promise with the AAZIS™ Plus soft knee-skin guard. All the protection for your knee, plus expanded protection to cover your shin.

Product Features:

• Kevlar weave for expanded protection and durability

Anti “pull down” design, keeping your knee-shin protection in place

Washable, adjustable, anti-microbial materials

Quick adjustment with the precise fit strapping system

Internal ABS knee cup for protection from sharp impacts

• Fits under most pants

• 8 sizes for the perfect fit ( see blow up chart above)


More Information from Kali.

The Aazis has been reviewed as one of the best fitting and most protective knee pads on the market. It offers a well functioning system that keeps the knee pad stuck to your leg. This allows you to participate in dirt or snow sports and the knee guard stays in place. The entire pad is built from airprene materials (perforated neoprene) which allows for good support and protection and also allows the pads to breath. On each side of the Kali Aazis knee pad there are two mega patches that are a double width neoprene padded patch. These are strategically placed to provide side protection to your knee without adding bulk to the entire knee pad.

On the cap of the Kali Protectives Aazis Knee Pad there are hard plastics shields covered and held in place by a durable nylon material. The Aazis Knee and Shin Guards from Kali extend further down to cover your shin. Instead of covering the entire shin with hard plastic and risk the bulk and loss of movement, Kali has chosen to cover the shin with a triangle shield. This designed is very functional and protective.

Kali Protectives Aazis Knee/Shin Guard 130mm or 180mm: The Aazis Knee/Shin offers two different lengths of shin guard portion of the pad. The Knee pad is available in S-XL to make sure that it fits the diameter of your leg, but because riders using these pads will be different heights it is extremely important to make sure that the shinguard lines up correctly with each riders shin bones. So for taller riders you can choose the 180mm shin guard and for shorter riders you can choose the 130mm. We recommend that for an average size rider 5'8" and above that you choose the 180mm version.

The Bottom Line:

As with all Kali Protectives products the Aazis Knee & Shin Guards are really top of the line products. They are built from some of the best materials available and offer good breath-ability and comfort, good flexibility and great protection. We really like the option of have two sizes of shin guards for riders that are different heights. The unique design of the Aazis also is nice to set yourself apart on the mountain.



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Customer Reviews

great knee guards Review by BarryM
Great combination of hard and soft padding/protection
Kevlar covering is extremely durable
Easy to put on
Had them for 9 months and still impressed!

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Expert Reviews on Kali Aazis Knee Protection

Kali Aazis Plus 130 Soft Knee-Shin Guard Review


I have been wearing knee braces for a while now. I tend to wear as much protective gear as possible, but am not completely sold on knee braces and their ability to protect against ligament injuries.  Kali Protectives gave me the opportunity to try out their Aazis 130 soft knee shin guard. It has been a while since I’ve worn knee pads and I was excited to see what I thought of them.

What makes the Aazis Plus 130 unique?

 Aramid Weave: This is the generic term for Kevlar (Kleenex is to tissue paper as Kevlar is to aramid weave). You know, the stuff used in bullet proof vests? This is used for for protection and durability in the knee cup area.

 Nitrex: Of the foams Kali tested, Nitrex did the best job of protecting from impact. There are very many densities and formulations available from Nitrex, allowing Kali to choose exactly what they wanted for the Aazis.

Anti-microbial materials: Inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow (bacteria, fungi, viruses).

On the Track:

Anti “pull down” design: With the light weight of the Aazis 130 knee pads and their well designed strap system, these things don’t move around at all.

 Comfort: On the track I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all! For comparison, before I started wearing knee braces, I had owned Fox Titan Pro, Thor Force and EVS SC03 knee pads. The Kali Aazis 130s are most comparable to the EVS SC03. The Aaazis 130 uses better, more comfortable materials against your skin and are designed more comfortably than the EVS SC03.

 Protection: The Kali Aazis 130 is a well designed product, it uses good materials and offers protection at the top and sides of your knees. The knee features Kevlar and plastic on top of foam for protection and the shin features plastic and foam. That said I’m not ready to trade in my knee braces yet.

 Breathability: Like I said, I barely noticed I had these things on. They are very light and much more breathable than the EVS RS-8 knee braces I have been wearing.

 What I’d like to see improved:

Protection at top of knee: For mx use it would be nice to have a larger protection area, maybe with some thicker or more dense foam, at the top of the knee for protection from handlebars hitting that area when foot sticks in corners. 

Protection at sides of knees: These pads are very thin and soft, much better than nothing, but I would like to see these beefed up a bit for mx use as well.

Final Thoughts: People’s use of protective gear in motocross is an interesting balance of comfort and protection. There aren’t really any standards when it comes to protective gear like there is in other sports. If you’re a comfort person who leans toward wearing knee pads, you should definitely consider the Kali Aazis 130. The protection they offer is as good as you’re going to get out of a knee pad and they are very comfortable.

More Dirt

6 Dec 2013

"The pads are constructed using an elasticised fabric, covering most of the leg from the knee down to the ankle. The solid knee and shin pads are integrated into this. Kali use a material called Aramid, which is also used in ballistic vests, so they should be able to handle a sharp rock or two.

Using the pads

Out of the two products Kali sent for us to test it was the pads that impressed me most. I wasn’t planning on testing the protection level of either, but during the uplift day I ran out of talent twice and landed hard on the pads. On both occasions they took the impact perfectly, not moving or spinning around like a lot of other pads do. Even after crashing down a slate-riddled welsh hillside, the surface of the material is still in perfect condition (the only mark being a small scuff on one of the logos). The pads didn’t rub or cause any discomfort throughout the day, which is down to the soft elasticised material separating the skin from the hard shells.

The bottom line

Kali have really impressed with how good the fit and protection of the knee and shin pads are. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a new set of leg-protectors."

13 Aug 2011

"Their knee and knee/shin armor are comfortable, light, easy to wear, and provides excellent protection. They have made a design that utilizes a great combination of soft and hard materials, and uses innovative features, such as side protection, and an extremely durable front covering. In Sanskrit, Aazis means “blessing”, which certainly defines their focus. Their armor is used by multiple extreme sports and their practitioners, such as mountain bike, skateboard, BMX, snowboard and motocross.Kali AAZISThe AAZIS armor comes in three different versions, the AAZIS Knee Guard, the AAZIS Plus 180 Knee/Shin Guard and AAZIS Plus 130 Knee/Shin Guard. The numeric numbering for the knee/shin guard refers to the additional coverage below the normal knee guard, 180mm and 130mm respectively (7 and 5 inches). The knee is protected by a flexible ABS shell, while the shin uses a flexible ABS plate, and they are both padded internally with a Nitrex foam lining, and covered with a Kevlar-weaved synthetic for durability and abrasion resistance. The knee guard has six dense foam pads or buttons located along the sides for ligament protection, while the shin has four additional pads, and both have Nitrex foam pads above and below the knee shell. The slip-on armor uses a perforated neoprene material, that is washable, breathable and anti-microbial, and uses two large Velcro straps to keep everything in place, plus the shin model uses a third anklet connector. They are available in Green and Gray, and come in the size’s Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Measured Weight:

  • Knee – 462 grams (Medium)
  • Knee/Shin – 642 grams (180 Medium)"


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Mr Gravity wears Kali Knee Guards

Mr Gravity wears KAli web size


Austin, aka Mr Gravity, sent us this amazing photo of him base jumping in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He actually purchased a set of Kali Knee Protectors as he had tried on a friends set, and found them to be the most comfortable he had worn.

When he sent this photo in, seeking sponsorship for his next jump, I asked the the obvious question, "why bother with protectors..if you crash your gonna die?". He replied it was in case of "small mishaps like knocking the exit platform or scraping into buildings".

Anyway he is getting a free set from us for his next jump!

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