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Aazis Soft Knee Guard - CLEARANCE

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AAZIS™ Soft Knee Guards

Product Description:

Right materials, right places. Kali Protectives continues this product promise with the AAZIS™ soft knee guard. All the protection you need and nothing additional.

Great for BMX, MTB, Skate, Scooter, Ski and Snowboard use.

Product Features:

ARAMID weave for expanded protection and durability

Anti “pull down” design, keeping your protection in place

Washable, adjustable, anti-microbial materials

Quick adjustment with the precise fit strapping system

Internal ABS knee cup for protection from sharp impacts

• Fits under most pants

• 130mm length available in 4 sizes ( see blow up size chart above)


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Size Guide for Kali MTB Knee Shin Guards

mtb shin guardKali Knee Pads Size Guide

Customer Reviews

Great knee pads Review by GT
Super comfortable, don't slip down, great for pedaling & enough protection for DH.
Need to remove shoes to get on and off but I just pull them down over my ankles on the long climbs then up over the knees for the downhills.
great knee pads Review by johnnyrickta
These are great knee pads. Someone recommended buying a pair when the troy lee pads I wanted were out of stock. I'm glad I bought these. Troy lee pads are great don't get me wrong, but I'm sure glad I tried these out. These pads are comfortable, lightweight, nice design, have side padding. The material is very flexible so they can easily be squeezed into a camelbak. I personally have not climbed any hill more than a few hundred feet with these so I cannot say how great they'd feel on a long XC ride, but they are perfect to throw on when you get to the technical downhill stuff. I've used them about 20 times and they still fit the way they did the first time I wore them. No rips or tears yet, and i've fallen quite a few times with them. the velcro straps are also great for that custom fit.
comfortable and durable Review by Diggity Dog
The little pads on the inner knee are awesome! if you ride platforms and have ever slipped a pedal, or taken a foot off only to have your knee smash into your frame, you'll know what I mean. Excellent coverage, snug enough to stay in place, but not too constricting. A little hot if you wear them for hours but just stash them in your pack for the climbs, and strap 'em on for the downs!
sweet Review by shawner
The Good: Super comfortable, great for pedaling & enough protection for DH
The Bad: Not much wrong. sizing seems a little large
Overall Review: I find these knee guards to be the most comfortable i've ridden yet. They don't have a lot of uncomfortable bulk on the sides that other pads have
almost perfect Review by Odin
Super comfortable, great for pedaling, great price & quality
It would had been nice to be able to wear / remove while wearing bike shoes but otherwise perfect.
They work when you crash, they are extremely comfortable.Always stay put while pedaling and after a few minutes seem to "disappear", I like the fact that they cost half of 661 and are just better.
Looks Cool, Works Great Review by Ryan
Cool, Fit, Comfortable, Non-Slip, Killer looks.
The Bad: Have to take off shoe to put them on/off.
Overall: What a solid knee pad! They're so good I bought the knee/shin 180 combo for riding DH as well. I've taken some falls without the the pad budging and protection has been spot. Not to mention the pad looks good too, nothing crazy mind you.. just black and grey w/ a simple kali logo. I've had both the knee and knee/shin combo on in hot weather and my legs have always stayed relatively cool. They won't stay sweat free but what can you expect by strapping neoprene and plastic to your legs.
In the past I've used the 661 knee/shin race pads and the TLD knee/shin. The Kali pads are WAY more comfortable. Its like they glued some soft kitten fur on the inside to keep my legs pampered.
My only bitch is that I have to take my shoe off to take them on/off. Keeping that in mind the fit probably wouldn't be as good if I didn't. Given how good the fit is, I'll kindly concede to taking off my shoe. Anyway it gives me a good excuse to get those damn rocks out of my shoes. I swear 5.10 designs their shoes to catch as many rocks as humanly possible.

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xpert Reviews on Kali Knee Guards

Kali Aazis Plus 130 Soft Knee-Shin Guard Review


I have been wearing knee braces for a while now. I tend to wear as much protective gear as possible, but am not completely sold on knee braces and their ability to protect against ligament injuries.  Kali Protectives gave me the opportunity to try out their Aazis 130 soft knee shin guard. It has been a while since I’ve worn knee pads and I was excited to see what I thought of them.

What makes the Aazis Plus 130 unique?

 Aramid Weave: This is the generic term for Kevlar (Kleenex is to tissue paper as Kevlar is to aramid weave). You know, the stuff used in bullet proof vests? This is used for for protection and durability in the knee cup area.

Nitrex: Of the foams Kali tested, Nitrex did the best job of protecting from impact. There are very many densities and formulations available from Nitrex, allowing Kali to choose exactly what they wanted for the Aazis.

Anti-microbial materials: Inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow (bacteria, fungi, viruses).

On the Track:

Anti “pull down” design: With the light weight of the Aazis 130 knee pads and their well designed strap system, these things don’t move around at all.

 Comfort: On the track I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all! For comparison, before I started wearing knee braces, I had owned Fox Titan Pro, Thor Force and EVS SC03 knee pads. The Kali Aazis 130s are most comparable to the EVS SC03. The Aaazis 130 uses better, more comfortable materials against your skin and are designed more comfortably than the EVS SC03.

 Protection: The Kali Aazis 130 is a well designed product, it uses good materials and offers protection at the top and sides of your knees. The knee features Kevlar and plastic on top of foam for protection and the shin features plastic and foam. That said I’m not ready to trade in my knee braces yet.

Breathability: Like I said, I barely noticed I had these things on. They are very light and much more breathable than the EVS RS-8 knee braces I have been wearing.

What I’d like to see improved:

Protection at top of knee: For mx use it would be nice to have a larger protection area, maybe with some thicker or more dense foam, at the top of the knee for protection from handlebars hitting that area when foot sticks in corners. 

Protection at sides of knees: These pads are very thin and soft, much better than nothing, but I would like to see these beefed up a bit for mx use as well.

Final Thoughts: People’s use of protective gear in motocross is an interesting balance of comfort and protection. There aren’t really any standards when it comes to protective gear like there is in other sports. If you’re a comfort person who leans toward wearing knee pads, you should definitely consider the Kali Aazis 130. The protection they offer is as good as you’re going to get out of a knee pad and they are very comfortable.

7 Aug 2012

 A comfy, aggressive-looking alternative to 661’s classic pad"

Kali’s Aazis pads look a bit bulky thanks to a solid, Kevlar-covered shell over the kneecap and soft, Neoprene padding around the sides, but they don’t feel it on the bike.

Ours were a size smaller than we’d normally choose – in fact, they’re the smallest – and it may actually have helped. There’s still plenty of room for comfort inside, and though we spent a lot of time adjusting before the first ride, they seemed to sit right first time after that. Sizes go up to extra large, and there’s a roughly 2.5cm increase in circumference across the range.

The Aazis don’t feel that different from 661’s popular (but no longer available) Kyle Strait pads, though they’re a little higher-profile in looks as well as design – especially with this asymmetrical colouring. The rear panels stay comfortable even when crumpled under pedalling (the 661s don’t always), and long and very secure Velcro tabs make adjustment easy. Once on, we never had to fiddle with them and, to be honest, rarely even gave them a thought. Which is how we like it. And despite the fold near the top, there’s little for shorts to hang up on.

They run as cool as pads of this size can be expected to and seem to trap less moisture than some, but they’re still not really the best thing for long days in the saddle. Look towards completely soft and much thinner, if less protective pads for that.

For messing around in the woods though they’re great, bringing useful protection from toptubes when you slide out and peace of mind over rocks and drops. They stay put whether pushing, pedalling or descending. Great stuff.

13 Aug 2011

"Their knee and knee/shin armor are comfortable, light, easy to wear, and provides excellent protection. They have made a design that utilizes a great combination of soft and hard materials, and uses innovative features, such as side protection, and an extremely durable front covering. In Sanskrit, Aazis means “blessing”, which certainly defines their focus. Their armor is used by multiple extreme sports and their practitioners, such as mountain bike, skateboard, BMX, snowboard and motocross.Kali AAZISThe AAZIS armor comes in three different versions, the AAZIS Knee Guard, the AAZIS Plus 180 Knee/Shin Guard and AAZIS Plus 130 Knee/Shin Guard. The numeric numbering for the knee/shin guard refers to the additional coverage below the normal knee guard, 180mm and 130mm respectively (7 and 5 inches). The knee is protected by a flexible ABS shell, while the shin uses a flexible ABS plate, and they are both padded internally with a Nitrex foam lining, and covered with a Kevlar-weaved synthetic for durability and abrasion resistance. The knee guard has six dense foam pads or buttons located along the sides for ligament protection, while the shin has four additional pads, and both have Nitrex foam pads above and below the knee shell. The slip-on armor uses a perforated neoprene material, that is washable, breathable and anti-microbial, and uses two large Velcro straps to keep everything in place, plus the shin model uses a third anklet connector. They are available in Green and Gray, and come in the size’s Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Measured Weight:

  • Knee – 462 grams (Medium)
  • Knee/Shin – 642 grams (180 Medium)" Review

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Mr Gravity wears Kali Armour

Mr Gravity wears KAli web size

 Austin, aka Mr Gravity, sent us this amazing photo of him base jumping in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He actually purchased a set of Kali Knee Protectors as he had tried on a friends set, and found them to be the most comfortable he had worn.

When he sent this photo in, seeking sponsorship for his next jump, I asked the the obvious question, "why bother with protectors..if you crash your gonna die?". He replied it was in case of "small mishaps like knocking the exit platform or scraping into buildings".

Anyway he is getting a free set from us for his next jump!

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