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Amara Helmet - S/M - Blue

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Kali Amara Mountain Bike Helmet


Size S-M



With removable camera and headlight mount.

Perfect for commutting, MTB, XC and general riding.

Borrowing from its Sanskrit name meaning Immortal, the AMARA™ Helmet is one great all-mountain helmet. Featuring an ultra lightweight polycarbonate shell and an EPS liner bonded together with patented COMPOSITE FUSION™ technology, the AMARA™ Helmet is sure to fill your all-mountain needs.

The Amara XC uses a secure, thumb-tab-style horizontal adjustment mechanism, similar to a Fox Flux helmet. A full-coverage inner-liner feels as if you are wearing a baseball cap instead of a bicycle helmet.

An assortment of removable helmet cam/light mounts snap on to the top of the helmet, and accepts, amongst others, GoPro Cameras and Light and Motion lights.

Utilising the same technology used to manufacture Kali motorcycle and downhill helmets, Amara Helmets are also, arguably, the safest cycle helmets on the road & trail.


  • Ultra lightweight Polycarbonate Shell
  • Low density EPS foam for impact absorption
  • Integrated Airflow System with 17 Vents
  • Expanded rear coverage design
  • Breakaway visor
  • Integrated mount for camera or headlight


Mounts Supplied (from left to right in mount image):

  • General platform for DIY - 6.5mm spacing (can be shimmed in)
  • GoPro fitting
  • 18mm diameter to suit mini mag lite,Replay camera, could be opened upto 25.4mm for DIY
  • Handlebar mount adaptor, works with most strap based handlebar mounted lights/cameras
  • NB it is impossible to supply a set of mounts to cover every model of light & camera and excepting specific models mentioned above a certain amount of home handyman skills may be required



  • Velogear Guarantee


Velogear Guarantee

Amara Mountain Bike Helmets Sizing Guide

Sizes:   S-M  56-59cm     

             M-L  60-63cm

To get your size measure your head about 25mm above your eyebrows and ears. Use a cloth measuring tape or else use a piece of string, then measure with ruler or tape measure.

See picture above.

Q. What if I get the size wrong?

A. No problems, simply return the helmet (unused in original packaging) and we shall ship you the correct size at no extra cost!

Customer Reviews

Excellent helmet for the price Review by Glen
I couldn't be happier with this helmet. The point that I took from the reviews that I read before buying one of my own was that it was a very comfortable helmet and I can't fault it in this regard. It is extremely comfortable and comes with attachments for my GoPro. I honestly can't see that I will be replacing this helmet with anything other than another one.
Top-notch helmet at a bargain price Review by M@
This is a really great helmet, with features lacking in some helmets more than double the price.

The extended back-of-the-head coverage is great for MTB and commuting, while the venting is so good it's cool enough for extended XC and road use.

I've also found the fit to be excellent - I normally have to choose between a S-M that is too tight or a L-XL that is far too wide. The S-M Amara fits my head perfectly with just enough space to comfortably squeeze a cycling cap or buff underneath. It's also quite a 'deep' fit - exactly what you want for MTB - but this means it sits close to the top of the ears can interfere with some sunglasses if the arms continue straight rather than curving around the back of the ear.

The built-in mount is a nice 'extra'; I've used it with my GoPro and LED torch with no problems. IMO the position is really too high for MTBing where it creates a coathanger hazard (although it's designed to break away); but is perfect for capturing a wide-angle view for a 'road safety' camera if that's your thing.

My only complaints are the non-locking clips on the straps - which tend to move around - and the non-removable visor. I guess both could be Macguivered easily enough - a loop or two of cotton should fix the former, and I'm planning on buying a Chakra plus for commuting so might swap the shorter visor onto the Amara if it fits.

Try one of these; I guarantee you'll never buy another 'disposable' $40 helmet from Anaconda/K-mart etc!
Great helmet for the price Review by Velocirapt
Good build quality. Comfortable, well ventilated .Can mount light or camera as specified

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Justin Lorentz 20 July 2012

"Well-specced helmet in its own right, and with a great camera mount thrown in"

 The Amara Cam’s trick is hidden up its shell, as it doesn’t have sleeves. It features a small, raised rail positioned just behind the central middle line of the shell, there to mount increasingly-popular cameras such as the GoPro.

It’s supplied with a small pack of plastic adaptor mounts for the major players. The most obvious one is the double-slotted version for a Hero GoPro or Swann camera. There are also mounts for pencil lights, though Kali don’t actually specify which ones. The mount clips firmly into the rail, and a 4mm Allen bolt and recessed nut allow you to make fine adjustments to the tilt.

Helmet stability is vital for reasonable pictures, and the Amara feels reassuringly still once it’s done up with the rear retention strap cinched. The camera feels stable and not too top heavy. We’d have liked the overall mount height to be a few millimetres lower, for even less sway, though our results were still good.

The helmet is a worthy cross-country/trail model in its own right, with 17 big vents in the angular-looking in-mould shell. We like the three-quarter coverage bug netting and broad absorbent straps, and if the clip-off peak was adjustable or a bit shorter we’d see up the trail a bit more to keep other riders in shot when riding eyes down. Still, a Stanley knife will see to that in five minutes…

If you like riding with a GoPro or Swann camera and you’re in the market for a bang up-to-date trail lid, this is the only name in town. Or it is until Giro brings out their version towards the end of the year, anyway. 



By Scott Hackett | Published Feb 15, 2011

We Liked

I like the look of Amara’s unique sharp angled exterior extended rear coverage design with the bold white and black with red accents stands out in the crowd. The 17 large vents look as good as the ventilation they offer with one large vent right down the center mimic’s the hood scoop of a muscle car. The fit of the Kali Amara will work for a wide range of people being a bit round the S/M size fit me well from front to back with the thinnest fit pads and needed the larger on the sides. The rear skull lock adjuster was easy to operate to make more snug or looser even with medium weight gloves on. The weight of 11.2 oz is about right in the middle of the other open face helmets that I currently have. From the looks of the Amara's vent structure it offers more coverage for increased protection but offers plenty of ventilation. Kali’s Composite Fusion Technology basically the EPS foam is formed inside the exterior shell and not in a separate mold then glued together. This makes a lighter more durable helmet that offers better protection. The Amara is also available with a integrated mount for GoPro cameras for hassle free video recording.

We Didn't Like

The small tabs that attach the breakaway visor to the helmet are a bit delicate and are breakaway them selves. Suggestion is to make these tabs larger and a rectangular shape to increased durability and ease of removing and attachment.

Our Note: this feature has been improved in 2012 model which is currently on sale

The Final Say

The Kali Protective’s Amara is very good all-around helmet for CX to All Mountain trail riding with cutting edge Composite Fusion technology at a mid range helmet price point. The Composite Fusion allows a lighter weight helmet with increased protection for the long run. Unique style and bold graphics that will have the wearer stand out from the crowd.


By John Hawkins for Bicycle Network Australia | Published 28 July 2012

 Kali Protectives have built a solid reputation overseas for making top quality helmets and protective gear. In addition to  Kali also make moto and snowboarding helmets, so they know a thing or two about protecting your most valuable asset. Their products have only recently become available in Australia with AS2063 certification through the retailer Velogear.

BNA was invited to test Kali Protectives’ Amara helmet. The styling of the Amara (Sanskrit for “immortal”, which is reassuring) follows the trend set by Fox with their Flux helmet, and provides greater protection for the rear of the head by extending down lower than most cross-country and roadie helmets. The weight is at the higher end of the range, coming in at around 350 grams, about 10 grams lighter than my equivalent size Fox Flux.

The front visor is of a break-away design, but is actually not removable. The Amara uses mid-to-high end in-mould technology, where the foam is moulded into the polycarbonate shell so there is no air gap. Kali calls this their “Composite Fusion Technology” and has taken it a step further by using separate polycarbonate bridges and inserts at various points to improve strength. Pleasingly, the outer polycarbonate shell extends all the way to the bottom at the helmet’s rear, leaving no bare foam unsupported at the base of the skull (unlike like many others in the same price bracket).

This helmet is without doubt the most comfortable I’ve used. The previous benchmark was set by a $300+ European roadie helmet, which unfortunately was non-AS compliant and which I did not buy, but which opened my eyes to a comfort standard I have been unable to match until the arrival of the Amara. This high end helmet combined the usual Coolmax + foam cushion strips with an integrated bug net.

The Amara does the same, with the padding and bug net forming a one-piece construction that is easily removed for washing. This may possibly make the helmet a little warmer during the summer months, but an unseasonably warm July mid-20-degree ride last weekend showed that for most conditions these concerns are unlikely to be a problem. Seventeen large vents ensure excellent air flow. Another upside is that I no longer present at work with Darth Maul helmet hair until I can get to the showers.

With the use of adventure helmet cams strongly on the rise, Kali have moulded an integrated mounting rail along the crown of the helmet. Four separate types of mount adapter are included, which will provide coverage for LED torches, “bullet” style cameras, GoPro-compatible cameras, and some types of helmet light.

I tried the Kali Amara with both GoPro and Swann HD helmet cams and found it to offer a significant improvement over the normal strap-on type vented helmet mounts (where it is almost impossible to prevent camera shake and fire cracker-like rattling noise across rough ground). The helmet offers similar mount rigidity to stick-on adhesive mounts, with none of the hassle of trying to find sufficient surface area to ensure the bond is secure. The video results were markedly better than any of my previous attempts with helmet mounted cameras.

In the event of a collision with a tree branch, the adapter will pull free, preventing you from “coathanger-ing” yourself.

The rear adjustment mechanism is identical to the Fox Flux, and provides easy to use and secure adjustment. Coming from the exact same Asian factory, I suppose that is no surprise!

On my particular review helmet there were a couple of small rough spots in the finish, but nothing to detract from the Amara’s function or aesthetics; a casual observer would probably not notice them at all.

I have been looking for a replacement helmet for a while, and after trying on multiple models in 7 or 8 different brands, I was prepared to spend a significantly higher amount to get similar comfort levels to the expensive roadie helmet I liked. I found nothing suitable until the Amara. To get similar results for a spend of under a hundred dollars was outstanding.

Comfort – exceptionally good
Integrated camera mount
Competitive weight
Extended head coverage at the rear
Voluminous venting
Outstanding value for money

Some small finishing issues
Possibly warmer to wear on 40C+ days

Alpine Gravity Shuttles

Benny Watkins  20 June 2012

This helmet had alot to live up to. Id spent SEVEN YEARS in my last open face cross country helmet, and never wanted to replace it because it was just SO GOOD. Light, strong and cool looks kept me in that Giro E2 for all that time, and i was never interested in another helmet, until I saw the pics of the Amara. 
When you see web images, you never really know what its gonna be like in person, but when i slid open the box I WAS STOKED like a giddy little kid. This helmet looks SICK. Not cheesy, not cheap, but cool looking with a modern shape and great graphics that will appeal to most (not riders who love plain stuff-but theres the Chakra helmet for them). I was excited to try it out straight away, and after fiddling with the adjuster mech at the back of the helmet I sized it up and put it on. THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE HELMET IVE EVER WORN. At least thats what I thought inside my house.
A few days later i went for a three hour xc ride (my usual all mountain secret loop near Bright) and even on the bike, out in the real world, it was STILL the most comfortable helmet ive ever worn. Having the pads on the interior mesh lining means no harsh pressure point on my skull, so it was super comfy. My head was happy. Being a colder time of year up here i didnt notice how hot i did or didnt get, it felt like a normal kinda ride, but I certainly noticed the vents on the longer descents, they are great.  
Im yet to mount a camera on the top with the built in camera mount, but that is an amazing feature. In my world of doing tours, clinics and ride weekends and races, it is now SUPER EASY to just mount a camera and go filming the trails to edit into short riding films. This will help alot of riders preview my tracks/tours on the web, and all because of an integrated mount. BRILLIANT. Its like an idea that someone came up with on a bender down at the local bar, but then got up the next day with a big head ache, and actually MADE IT WORK. Two local guys I bumped into realised I didnt have my normal lid on, when they saw the camera mount, they asked where they could buy one. Its one HELL of a marketing tool. It will almost sell itself. 


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bike helmet

What is behind Kali's COMPOSITE FUSION™ technology? 

by Brad Waldron  Engineer and Founder of Kali Helmets

"So many times when looking at a company’s claim I ask myself “Is this real or is this just salesman speak?”. I certainly can’t make up your mind for you, but I can tell you about our patented technology and why we are excited about it.

A helmet has two essential elements that help protect you: a shell and energy absorbing foam. These two components are built to dissipate the energies of an impact to your head. The shell is the hard outer surface of a helmet and has 3 functions. First, it prevents sharp object penetration. Second, it protects the energy absorbing foam from abrasion. Lastly, it spreads out the force of an impact over a greater area.

As the second component of the puzzle, the energy absorbing foam is the inner muscle of a helmet and the more active component of the two. It does the bulk of the work, cushioning and redirecting the G-forces of any impact that tries to work its way towards your head.

Standard helmet technology constructs the shell (made from various composite materials) and the energy absorbing foam composite (Expanded PolyStyrene or EPS) as two separate pieces. Simply shooting small beads into a mold makes the EPS foam. The beads are then steamed, expanded and bound into the “generic” shape of the exterior shell. This “shaped” EPS form is then pulled from the mold and allowed to dry, and then inserted into the shell by hand (being spot glued or taped into place inside).

This means that during an impact to the head, there will actually be a microsecond of ‘air’ as the energy is transferred between one protective material (the shell) and the next (the EPS foam). The result of this separate-but-glued-construction is a less efficient transfer of energy when a helmet is impacted.

Another unfortunate consequence of standard helmet construction is that over time the glue joints may wear down, which leaves users with EPS foam that is loose inside the shell. In addition to being uncomfortable, it can also be potentially dangerous, as the EPS foam may not stay in its intended position during an impact."

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