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Beto Baby Seat - Disc Brake

Normally $155.00 Our Price: $129.99

Beto Toddlers Bike Seat

The Beto Deluxe baby seat has a durable hi-impact PP structure with adjustable reclining seat-back and foot rest with straps and a safety harness to keep your child comfortable and secure.  Additional features like foam padded grab bar gives the child forward support when needed and soft washable seat past means spills are easily cleaned up.  The Beto Deluxe Baby Seat represents unbeatable value with features seen on many other more expensive competitor child carriers.


  • 3 point safety harness
  • Grab bar
  • Comfortable and enveloping bucket seat
  • 3 position reclining seat back
  • Long life foam washable seat pad
  • Footrest with straps
  • Rated up to 20kg
  • In seat storage compartments
  • Easy to fit instructions are included
  • Rack supplied
  • Fits 26" & 700c Bikes
  • Suitable for Disc Brakes

Note:  An Australian Standards bike helmet is required for any carried child.

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Help in Choosing Which Rack You Need for Beto Toddler Bike Seats

Racks are available to suit both 26" and 700c bikes.

If you are unclear on what size bike you have simply read the side of your tyre, it will have a measurement.... 

  • Rack Size 26: If your tyre Size is 26 x 1.5, 26 x 1.75, 26 x 1.90, 26 x 2.1.... indeed 26 x "anything"
  • Rack Size 700: If your tyre size is 700 x 23, 700 x 28, 700x38....700 x "anything"
  • Rack Size 700: If your tyre says 27 x 1 1/4
  • Rack Size 700: If your tyres says 28 x "anything"

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Beto Child Bike Seat FAQ

Q. What size rack do I need?

A. Look at the side of your tyres. You will be able to find the size of the tyre, it will say something like 26 x 1.95 or 700 x 35.The first number is the important one as it is the diameter of the tyre. The secondary number is the width and this does not concern us for seat fitting purposes.

Size 26: Most mountain bikes have 26" diameter wheels and the tyres are usually 26 x 1.75 thru to 26 x 2.1 in width. If you have a mountain bike then choose the Size 26 rack for the Beto Baby Bike Seat. 

Size 700: Hybrid style bikes, flat bar city bikes and road bikes nominally have 700mm diameter tyres. You will see the sizes 700 x 23 thru to 700 x 28 and upto 700x38 or 43 on the tyres of these styles of bikes. Many tyres made for the European market may be marked with the size 28 x something on the tyre side. This is another 700 size tyre! so a Size 700 rack will suit. This rack will also fit old style 27" bikes (tyres are marked 27 x 1 1/4 (or similar)).

Q. My bike has rear disc brakes, will the rack fit?
A. Possibly! Bikes with rear disc brakes just require a small work around. In the packet provided with the baby bike seat you will find two small plastic coated brackets called p-clips. These p-clips can be fitted to the frame just above the rear axle and where the frame is narrow enough for the seat to clip on. Here is a test to see if the baby bike seat will work with your rear disc brakes: The maximum internal gap between the legs of the rack is 140mm, so if your frame holes are wider apart than this - then the rack will not fit!

Q. Will the rack fit on my bike, and how does it attach?
A. Once you have chosen the correct size rack (see above) fitting is normally straightforward, as the rack attatches to screw points on the bike frame (see main picture of baby bicycle seat).

Q. My bike does not have screw points for the top arms of the rack, what do I do?
A. Some bikes do not have rack screw points on the frame just underneath the seat post. No problems, you just need to buy a pair of P Clips which wrap around the frame. The have holes in them to attach your rack! 
Or if you prefer you can purchase a Rack Mount Seat Clamp to replace your existing seat clamp - it has rack screw points on it.

Q. My bike does not have screw points for the bottom legs of the rack, what do I do?
A. A few bikes do not have rack screw points on the frame just above the rear axle. No problems, you just need to buy a pair of P Clips which wrap around the frame. The have holes in them to attach your rack!

Q. I have a bike with rear suspension, will a bike child seat seat fit?
A. No. If you have front suspension-no problems. If you have rear suspension you are unable to fit a child bike seat rack as the back of the frame "moves" with the suspension.

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