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Bike Case - EVA Pod Lite

Normally $450.00 Our Price: $339.00

Bike Case - Eva Pod Lite

Velogear's EVA Pod Lite is the lightest solid bicycle case on the market.

The material used is the same strength as our normal EVA Pod, but just over 2 kgs has been trimmed by replacing the 2 sets of steel castors with 1 set of plastic wheels, and using a lighter, but as strong, EVA compound.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) has high impact strength, good tear and abrasion resistance but its main advantage is its lightness.

Velogear EVA Lite bike cases weigh approximately 7 kg and when packed with a race bike weighs well under 20kg! Please note the weight for this product says 40kg - this is only for shipping cost purposes.

The bike pod is moulded to fit most road, touring and mtb bikes. Its clam shell design enables it to be fully opened for ease of packing.


  • Roller wheels on rear of bike case
  • Pull handle
  • Closed with industrial strength zips and quick release buckles
  • Supplied with 1 sheet of packing foam
  • Has 3 straps inside to help secure the frame
  • Size: 1200mm x 907mm x 280mm approx.
  • Weight: Approx. 8 kg
  • Could be locked by padlocking the 2 zip tabs (lock not supplied)
  • Skewers not supplied
  • Will store upto size 60 road bikes (without integrated seatpost)
  • Will store most MTB bikes except those with long travel forks, ie downhill
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The EVA Pod is a "hard" bike case but is not as knockproof as our ABS Bike Case - there is a tradeoff between lightness and destructibilty. If your first requirement is weight - then go EVA - it is very light & provides excellent protection for the bike. If weight is not an issue then the ABS material is "rock hard" and very very knockproof - the material is as used in hard case suitcases.

Basic Packing Method:

  • Remove wheels
  • Remove pedals
  • Loosen and turn handlebar sideways
  • Depending on bike size you may need to lower seatpost and/or remove seat
  • Place the bike into the case
  • Wrap wheels in clothing, foam or place in wheel bags. Generally one wheel willl fit under the frame and one above. Due to the wide variety of bike frame types and sizes there is no “one correct place” to put the wheels, you will need to do your own trial and error.

High Protection Method:

In addition to above you can do all or some of the below:

  • Wrap the frame tube with pipe lagging or similar to prevent scratching
  • Wrap front cogset and chain
  • Remove and wrap rear derailleur
  • Place a divider rod in the rear axle
  • Remove and wrap seatpost and seat
  • Use single wheel bags for each wheel
  • Use sheets of foam or clothing for extra padding - this is essentail for air travel
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Customer Reviews

Nice & Light Review by Tess
Have just come back from my first trip with the EVA bike case. It is still intact and in perfect working order and it was very light to transport around. As I am not that big that is a big plus.
Good value Review by RayG
I got an early model and it was 7.7kg, not the claimed 7kg.

Otherwise has been a good case. International and national flights without damage to my bike.
Good Value for Money Case Review by DS
A good value bike case - first thing I noticed was how incredibly light it is - no trouble at the airport on baggage weight.
Packing is a litte tough at first, I needed to remove the handlebar stem to fit the bike in which is a bit of a pain and not something I've had to do with other boxes such as the Bike Box Alan (although that is in a different price league to this case).
I also removed the rear derailleur on the first use but that wasn't really necessary and have just protected it on subsequent trips.
All round its good value or money, I didn't have any problems with any breakages on the bike either.
super light, great little travel bag Review by Jonny
I have had this for over a year now and have probably used it about 5-10 times. It is a great little lightweight travel bag.
I have had heavier bike cases in the past and always got slugged for excess baggage fee's.... but not with this case.
I have quite a small road bike and it fits in very easily.
Due to the lightness I was a bit hesitant about how safe and sturdy it would keep my bike. I have not had one scratch, dent or damage to my bike or accessories yet.
Seriously one happy customer with this bike pod!

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Q. What size bike will fit into the Eva bike pod?
A: We know it definitely fits a size 54, but the oversize version will accommodate anything larger than this.

Q. Is there a warranty?

A: This bike case is delivered with a guarantee to be free of manufacturers defects.

Due to the extreme conditions that this style of product may encounter by airline baggage handlers no warranty is extended after its use.

Velogear's Note:

In practice we have sold over 1500 of these cases and have had very few problems, or complaints about their strength or durabilty.

We sell to several hire outlets and with repeated travel they are reported to be still in good shape.

We do keep some spare parts in case of a mishap.

This case is designed with weight as the foremost consideration, if you are looking at something pretty well bombproof, then consider the ABS Bike Hard Case.

(FYI we sell about 3 hard cases to every 50 EVA Light Cases!!)

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The basics of packing a bike into an EVA Bike Case.

We recommend wapping your frame and wheels in foam or clothing for better protection.

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