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den Haag Rear Rack

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318 Pannier Rack

den Haag heavy duty bicycle rear rack, suitable for trunk bags, large pannier bags and packs.

The beauty of this racks design is that all of the arm and leg fittings are sliding, enabling you to fit this rack to almost any size and style of bike. The special fittings also then allow you to move the bicycle luggage rack into the final position you require - very versatile! 


  • Alloy
  • All fittings supplied (not shown in photo)
  • Fits all bikes 24", 26'' mountain bike, 27" old racers, 700c hybrid bikes, flat bar bikes, road bikes
  • Tubing size accomodates all pannier bag hook sizes
  • Rated to 20kg
  • Not suitable for rear suspension bikes  or disc brake bikes 
  • Suitable for multi-day touring, daily commuting
  • Easy to fit - you need only a screwdriver and allen key

Most modern mountain bikes, flat bar bikes and hybrid bikes come pannier rack ready - simply bolt on! If you have a bike that does not have pannier ready fittings, no drama, simply pop down to Bunnings or your local bike shop and buy some small plastic covered U clamps. These clamps then go around your frame and the rack then bolts onto these.

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic rack for the money Review by Ry
I've owned this rack for 3 years now, it's been fitted on a 700c Road bike, a 700c Hybrid, and now its on my 26" MTB tourer. It's been loaded up with bulging panniers, I've dinked mates home on it, taken it on about 2 months worth of tours and cart my shopping home on it multiple times a week. Best $40 I've spent.
Simple, light and reliable Review by John
I have been using this rack for 18 months now on my daily commute with 2 panniers attached. This includes carrying 20kg+ for my grocery shopping. Have not had a single issue.
A great fit for a cruiser bike Review by Mary-Ann
I originally bought one of these for my old cruiser bike as anything else I had seen was not going to fit - as this is very adjustable it is great on my cruiser classic. I use pannier bags on it (sometimes only one) and have never had any problems with it, it hasn't even needed any tightening since I installed it.
light, strong and adjustable Review by Brad
I purchased one of these racks 3 years ago with a set of the 409 Den Haag Panniers. The rack was simple to fit and the adjustability was fantastic.. very simple to adjust the rack to a perfect fit on my 29er. Seems it would fit most bikes pretty easily due to the adjusters. Anyway I have used it for 2 - 3 1 week trips a year on rough tracks and roads loaded up with 2 full panniers, a tent and sleeping bag...probably 18 kg all up...a bit of weight to put on such a lightweight rack, but it is still in perfect condition (handy hint - check the mounting screws occasionally - they can come undone - not a problem with this rack can happen to all - but nasty if you are remote and break a pannier leg! All in all a great piece of kit for a very reasonable price.

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Pannier Racks - Fitting Information

Most modern general style bikes come standard with two pairs of rack mounting holes on the frame. One pair is on the frame just above the rear axle - the legs of the rack screw in there. The other pair are on the frame about 80-120mm below the seat - you attach the arms of the rack to these points.

Some bikes however lack a set or both sets of mounting points. It is still easy to fit a rack - see below.

In rare situations, especially if you have a very long frame, the supplied "arms" of the pannier rack are not long enough. This is easy to fix as well: see below.

Q. I do not have any mounting holes on my bike for the rack arms, what can I do?
A. a) You can try attaching the rack arms to either side of the seat post clamp.
b) Otherwise you will need to buy a pair of Pannier Rack P Clips. The diameter of the clip need s to match the frame diameter where you wish to fit the arms to. The bottom part of the P clip is coated in plastic to prevent scratching, the top part of the P clip has a hole in each side - through which you pass a bolt and to which you then attach the rack arms! As you tighten up the bolt the P Clip squeezes shut and will not slide on the bike frame - thus becoming the anchor point for the rack arms.

Thus the clip which looks more like a U when you start ends up looking like a P!!

Q. I do not have any rack mounting holes, what can I do?
A. You can still fit a rack to a bike with no rack mount points - simply follow answer b) above for both the rack arms and legs - buy attaching the P Clips for the rack legs to each side of the frame, just above the axle.

Q. The arms of the pannier rack are too short, what can I do?
A. If your bike frame is very large, or the rear stays are longer than normal, then the standard arms supplied with most bicycle rear racks may not be long enough. To fix this you need to use a Pannier Rack Arm Extender. This simply bolts onto the existing arm to provide an extension.

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