Velogear Top 10 Products with Customer Reviews

This week we take a snapshot of Velogears Top 10 Selling Products (by dollar sales) for the past 12 months, together with their related Customer Reviews.

#1 EVA Bike Case

As the lightest bike case in it's class the EVA Pod Lite reigns as our #1 seller. Here's what customers have to say:

bike travel case

#2 Gistitalia Fluid Trainer

With a Lifetime Guarantee on the Fluid drive this reasonably priced bike trainer has been a popular seller for several years - hear why:
fluid trainer buy

#3 Padded Bike Bag

More padding than its competitors and free shipping make this one of our best sellers. Despite its huge sales we only have 1 review!
best bike bag

#4 UrbanVelo Bike Stands

Inexepensive and joinable make these a very popular item for bike storage. For the garage, office or undercover light commercial situations:
black bike stands

#5 Oland Down Sleeping Bags

We tag onto the production run of one of Europes best selling sleeping bags and are able to sell you a 90% Duck Down sleeping bag for $99!  Any good? Hear what our customers have to say:
cheap down sleeping bag

#6 Aussie Beach Cruiser 

Simple yet funky, Australian designed but with China pricing! This model has been a best seller for years:
cheap beach cruisers

#7 ABS Bike Travel Case

Whilst the advent of lighter bike cases have reduced the popularity of this ex. #1 best seller, the fact is if you can live with the weight you cannot beat the durabilty, long life and ability to take hard knocks of this airline grade bike case.

abs hard bike box

#8 Gistitalia Double Padded Bike Shorts

Italian lycra combined with an extra padded comfy chamois make this our #1 selling bike short. Our customers must be so tired after their long rides on the shorts- that they have no energy to contribute a review!!!

#9 Bicycle Stand for 5 Bikes

We certainly have one of the best ramges of bike stands and racks in Australia. This sturdy rack with height staggering and the abilty to lock down and secure make this a popular bike stand to buy.
best bike stands australia

#10 Hi Viz Flouro Cycling Jacket

Hi visibility, reflective highlights, taped seams and a comfortable fit with a low price make this our #1 piece of cycling clothing! Our customers agree:
Cheap bike jackets

Being directly involved with the importing of the above 10 Best Selling bike accessories we can understand why they sell so well. In their own categories they provide our customers the combined benefits of great features at a reasonable price point.

Interestingly enough the quantity of customer reviews is very low compared to the 1000s of items we have sold just in the above list. I suppose that these days internet selling has become the everyday norm with high quality and low pricing expected and something really not worth the time reporting.