2015 Velogear Top Innovative MTB Brands - Small Companies

During September 2015 cycling e-tailer asked over 120,000 bike riders:


"Small = NOT Shimano, Fox, Sram or similar"

Over the next 2 weeks we present our results in alphabetical order.


This small UK based manufacturer produces high end bike parts, but with reasonable pricepoints.

Rave reviews from dedicated fans made this company a finalist in our Top 10 Category.

Who is absoluteBLACK?
They introduce themselves on their own website as:

"We're passionate about creating light and durable bicycle parts that look as good as they perform.Every part we create is designed with riders like you in mind. We use cutting-edge 3D CAD software for optimum accuracy, giving us the freedom to create beautiful yet remarkably rugged parts that are made to last.
Our fully-integrated FEA system enables us to analyze and optimize every design to minimize mass and maximize strength.

Every prototype is rigorously tested for endurance before going to our pro riders for performance testing.

We continually refine all of our parts until we're satisfied that they are the most attractive, highest quality, and most advanced bicycle parts available – and we provide them to you at a competitive price."

Which were the most voted for absoluteBLACK products?

The most and highest of consumer accolades went to AbsoluteBLACK Oval chainrings.


Comments on these "elliptical" chainrings included:
"can really feel like how it smooths out the power in your pedal stoke"
"smoothes out the pedal stroke and gets your legs moving efficiently"
"the differences are subtle..but they are there"
"I found I was holding gears longer as the pedal stroke was so smooth"

The word "smooth" featured in many comments!

Quite a few votes went towards the Singlespeed Cog
single speed cogs
But a lack of user comments does not allow us to comment on why.

A spattering of votes was distributed amongst other absoluteBLACK parts but the editors favourite would have to be the Black Diamond Hubs, if they function half as good as they look they should be a gem!!