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O2 Original Cycling Rain Jacket

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O2 Original Cycling Rain Jacket

O2 Rainwear's lightweight and packable Original Series gear is the most affordable breathable rain gear you can buy.

Get the cycle jacket with or without a hood, but it comes in just one color: safety. It’s perfect for casual riders or dedicated race spectators.

Unisex Fit.

Product Details:

  • 100% 2 Layer Polypropylene
  • Waterproof, Breathable, Windproof
  • Extremely Lightweight & Compact
  • Ultrasonically welded waterproof seams
  • Stand-Up Collar
  • Elastic Wrist Cuffs
  • Water Resistant Zipper
  • Long tail for road spray protection
  • Packs into a handy stuff sack made of same material (supplied with product)
  • Form Fit
  • Weight: Approx 120gm


Velogear Guarantee

 cycling rain jacket

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Our Size and Quality Guarantee
If the bicycle rain jacket doesn't fit, or for any other reason, you may return the item unused in original packaging. You may choose to exchange for a different size, get a store credit, or a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Fantastic for any activity in the wet Review by Sam
I have worn this jacket for hiking, biking and running. It's remarkable how well it breathes when rain is pouring on the outside and you are sweating on the inside. Very comfortable.
Weight and value Review by Paddo
Great product, great value. Super lightweight, so always taken when cycling. Excellent visibility which is even more important when cycling in rain.
good for hiking and biking Review by Walter
I was looking for a lightweight, breathable raincoat that I could stuff into my hydration pack in case of rain during a hike or bike. This jacket is exactly what I wanted.

Weight: about 180gm - hard to find anything lighter

Waterproof: I've only been rained on once with it, but it did the job. I read a detailed review where the reviewer said he shaped part of the jacket like a cup, filled it with water, and left it sit for 24 hours with no leaking (he claimed that Gore-Tex is not as waterproof). I tried a similar experiment. I turned the stuff sack inside out (made of the same material as the jacket), filled it with water, and hung it by the drawstring. A few hours later, there were a few drops forming on the surface in a few spots. When I emptied it and turned it right-side-out, the areas that had leaked seemed to have water sticking to them, unlike the rest of the surface where the water rolled right off. Perhaps the leaky areas had small abrasions from being carried around in my pack. Anyway, I wouldn't consider the tiny amount of leakage significant considering that water pressure was applied for hours.

Breathable: Scientific studies show the Propore material that this jacket is made out of is much more breathable than Gore-Tex, especially when there is minimal water vapor, so you don't have to wait until a lot of water vapor builds up inside the jacket for it to start breathing. Based on my own experience, I guess it breathes OK, but it's hard to really say. The jacket is windproof, so your body heat gets trapped inside the jacket, so you'll feel hotter with the jacket on even if your sweat is able to get out.

Packable: You can crush it down pretty small, but if it isn't kept under pressure it will puff back up. This is actually somewhat related to how it feels when you wear it. The sleeves don't really lay down on your arms; they puff up around your arms. This is a good thing, since it allows some space for air instead of sticking to your sweaty arms when you are hiking.

Material feel: The material is very thin, and feels smooth somewhat like plastic on the outside, and somewhat like cloth (with a very slight furriness) on the inside. It feels comfortable. The long review I read claimed it was "brittle." I completely disagree with that. The material is thin, and you could probably poke your finger through if you wanted to, but it is extremely flexible, not brittle. I definitely would NOT expect it to withstand rubbing against sharp rocks -- the material is more like a plastic bag than like nylon fabric.

The material is bright yellow, which is good if you don't want to be run over by a car . I wear large shirts (6 feet tall, 90 kg, athletic build), and the large jacket fit me as I would expect -- just barely enough extra room to slip my hydration pack underneath if I want to. It's pretty minimalistic. There are no pockets. The zipper doesn't look like it will last forever, but then neither does the material (it aims to be lightweight -- you can't have everything).

This is a great jacket if weight and breathability are important to you. It's not fancy or cool-looking. If you want a raincoat to hang in the closet and wear out as a fashion item, this is NOT the jacket for you.
very light and well priced Review by Tony
My understanding is that the O2 Rainsuit is like the DriDucks, but without the durability issues.

I have not seen the Driducks in person, but the way that you describe it, I think they are very similar.

The O2 Rain Jacket is Very light, but does not seem like it would tear easily.

Workmanship seems well enough without any sloppy, loose threads hanging off of it.
I have used it bushwalking already, it rained on us for a few hours and I stayed dry and did not have any issues with it.

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Read The Reviews on O2 Original Waterproof Cycling Jacket 

by Ken Bonner April 2012  Road Bike Review

As an ultracyclist, I ride about 18,000 miles (30,000 km) per year, mostly on roads in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and the ‘Wet’ Coast of Canada. I have a basement full of cycling rain jackets that were full of promise but did not live up to expectations.

In my experience, almost any rain jacket will prevent heavy, cold rain from penetrating through to the cyclist (even a large garbage bag, in an emergency, can do this). Similarly, most rain jackets will dissipate moisture created by the cyclist’s exertion, but only over normal, short commuting distances.

I have yet to find a cycling rain jacket that truly keeps the cyclist dry from moisture created from within the jacket. I can live with that situation. However, there is no need to become chilled as a result. My all-time favorite rain jackets, the MEC Bernoulli and the Gore Fusion, left me wet from the inside, but both jackets were well-ventilated and kept me warm and comfortable even in heavy rain, with temperatures near the freezing mark. Alas, they are no longer available. What to do?

Scrounging in my basement, I discovered an inexpensive ‘Original’ rain-jacket from O2 Rainwear that I had used many years ago while riding one of the five 1200k Paris-Brest-Paris events I have finished. Researching to see if this jacket was still available, I discovered that O2 Rainwear has two new rain jacket models, including the Nokomis, and the Calhoun . The company still produces the tried-and-true Original, as well.

Inexpensive Yet Functional

Looking for an inexpensive rain jacket that is still quite functional? Check out the O2 Rainwear Original jacket.

The Original is the one to bring along when you are worried it might rain, but no long and heavy downpour is expected.

As this jacket has no reflective material, it should not be used for riding in low-light conditions unless you’re wearing a reflective sash or vest. I placed self-adhesive reflective tape at strategic locations on my Original jacket. This worked fine for me.

The elastic wrist cuffs work well; they’re neither too tight nor too loose. Interestingly, although the Original jacket does not have any venting beyond the front one-way zipper, it appears to breathe well, and keep out heavy rain for up to 4 hours or 100k/60 miles.

The Bottom Line

O2 Rainwear offers a range of functional rain jackets that meet the needs and price-points of most cyclists, from commuters to ultracyclists.


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Microporous Film for Bicycle Rain Gear

O2 Rainwear Original Series gear uses an exclusive Microporous Film laminated to a non-woven layer. This inexpensive yet high-performing textile features the best combination of water holdout and breathability. It’s thin and ultra lightweight, making the Original Series incredibly packable and easy to stash for unexpected changes in weather. Better yet, it’s affordable. You’ll get outstanding comfort and protection at the same price as the lesser, non-breathable rubber, plastic and PVC-coated garments. 

About O2 Cycling Rain Gear

We know cycling. And living in Minnesota U.S.A., we know cycling in some of the most extreme weather conditions you can find. Snow, sleet, rain or shine, we’ve built our O2Rainwear™ to handle it all.

Developed by Rain Shield, Inc., O2 Rainwear is a national biking apparel line offering affordable protection from the elements for anyone who rides — from serious cyclists to casual recreational riders. We’re based in Minneapolis, one of the most active cycling communities in the country. Our own passion for cycling means we get it: we understand why you’re out there, rain or shine, and we know what you need from your gear to keep you going back for more. Since 1997, we’ve been creating O2 Rainwear products to help you make the most of your ride.

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