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Ortlieb Spare Parts

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Ortlieb Spare Parts

We now stock a full range of spare parts for all Ortlieb panniers and bags!

Parts available: 


  • D251: GPS cover for Ultimate 2.5
  • D252: GPS cover for Ultimate 2.5


  • E186: Stealth buckle for Back and Front Rollers - QL1 + QL2
  • E178: Stealth buckle with strap for Office Bags
  • E150: Pair of anchoring rails for one outer pocket
  • E156: Two QL2 hooks with handle - 16mm
  • E192: Two QL2.1 hooks with handle - 16mm
  • E193: Two QL2.1 hooks with handle - 20mm
  • E162: Two QL1 hooks with handle - 16mm
  • E184: Four abrasion protectors for racks 
  • E174: Adaptor for Travel, Biker & Trunk Bags
  • E160: Adaptor for Rear Basket
  • E173: Adaptor set for QR axle mounting
  • E12: Anchoring for backpack
  • E109: Anchoring hook with lower rail - 10mm
  • E110: Anchoring hook with lower rail - 16mm
  • E147: Buckle 50mm - male and housing
  • E51: Buckle Mojame - 25mm
  • E146: Bucke Stelth - 25mm
  • E149: Four C Rings
  • E189: Cable adapter set for Ultimate6 M Pro
  • E176: Cruved rail for lower QL1 mounting system
  • E144: Elliptical rail for lower anchoring hook QL1 & QL2 (includes screws)
  • E165: Extension adaptor
  • E121: Fixing straps for Zip City
  • E179: Flap for Elevation and carrying strap
  • E157: Gasket
  • F1453: Handlebar Adaptor for Smartphone Case
  • F39: Inner pocket for panniers
  • E141: Inner pocket for Ultimate 3-5
  • E129: Inner pocket for Zip City
  • E166: Inserts for QL2 hook
  • E197: Inserts for QL2.1 hooks for 1 pannier
  • F3902: Internal divider for Ultimate 2-4 Large
  • F3901: Internal divider for Ultimate 2-4 Medium
  • F3904: Internal divider for Ultimate 5-6 Large
  • F3903: Internal divider for Ultimate 5-6 Medium
  • E143: Lower QL2 anchoring hook
  • E198: Lower rail for anchoring hook QL2.1
  • E134: Lubricant for TIZIP zipper
  • F9121: Mesh pocket for bags
  • E175: Mounting set for QL3
  • E196: Mounting set for Ultimate 6 Pro
  • E97: Mounting set for saddle bag
  • E164: Mounting set for Ultimate 2-5
  • E185: Mounting set for Ultimate 6
  • F32D: Messenger bag organiser
  • O102: Ortlieb Buff
  • F91L: Large outer pocket
  • F91S: Small outer pocket
  • E133: Padded shoulder belt for Travel Biker
  • E33: Padded strap with carabiner
  • E177: QL1 anchoring hook
  • E169: QL1 rail long, with mounting screws
  • E106: QL1 rail long, with mounting screw (without hooks)
  • E170: QL1 rail short, with mounting screws
  • E10: QL1 screw set (5 screws)
  • E194: QL2.1 anchoring hook (includes screws)
  • E190: QL3 clamp for fixation (11-14mm)
  • F94: Camera insert for Ultimate 
  • F14: Map case for Ultimate2.5
  • E171: Removable shoulder pad
  • E117: Repair buckles - stealth 25mm
  • E187: Repair buckles - stealth 25mm
  • E163: Repair set for all Ortlieb fabrics
  • E91: Rubber gasket
  • E125: Security device for QL2/QL2.1 panniers - long
  • E124: Security device for QL2/QL2.1 panniers - short
  • E23: Shoulder belt - 80cm
  • E116: Shoulder belt - 80cm x 25mm
  • E15: Shoulder belt - 80cm with snap hook and buckle
  • E95: Shoulder strap for Ultimate2 - 120cm with 2 buckles
  • E119: Shoulder strap for Ultimate2-6 
  • E115: SHoulder strap for Ultimate3-6 M & L
  • E172: Shoulder strap with swivel hook - 140cm
  • E167: Spare cable for mounting set - Ultimate
  • F1451: Ultimate6 handlebar bag adaptor support
  • E102: Universal set of screws
  • E120: Valve
  • E46: Velcro extension for Messenger bag & Velocity
  • E201: Mounting Set for Rear racks QL3.1
  • E199: Wide frame - 185mm for rack adapter E174
  • E135: Stealth buckles for rack pack - 25mm


  • F96E: Fastening straps for saddle bag (size S, M & L)
  • F32G: Waist strap pocket for messenger bag





  • M3401: Carrying System for Moto Tank Bag


  • S03L: Compression straps ladderlock buckle - 100cm
  • S05L: Compression straps ladderlock buckle - 200cm
  • S01L: Compression straps ladderlock buckle - 50cm
  • S03M: Compression straps metal buckle - 100cm
  • S05M: Compression straps ladderlock buckle - 200cm
  • S01M: Compression straps ladderlock buckle - 50cm
  • N30: Shower valve
  • T60: Push valve


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