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What are the different Scooter Compression Systems?

Scooter Compression is basically the way in which mechanicaly your bars, forks and deck are all attached together on your scooter.

The main types are: HIC, SCS & ICS.

HIC Hidden Internal Compression

HIC was the earliest modern compression system. Its been around for some time because it works!  HIC comprises of a threadless fork with a starnut, a threadless headset, the HIC shim, and oversized bars with a slit. HIC is the simplest out of all three compressions. All you do is tighten the bolt to the starnut in the fork, put the bars on, and presto! Its fairly strong and doesn't come loose often.

If you're looking for something reliable, easy, and light, HIC is a good choice.

SCS Standard Compression System

SCS is considered the strongest compression system. From experience you’re never going to have to worry about your bars snapping down a huge gap. Personally I think SCS looks really sick and keeps your scooter super dialed. On the con side- SCS is it’s the heaviest compression system. Its not much heavier than HIC but it is a little. To tighten SCS all you do is tighten the bolt to your starnut then put your bars with out a slit into the SCS and tighten, gradually, one bolt at a time until its fully tightened. If you want something beefy, super strong and good looking, go for SCS.

ICS Internal Compression System

IHC Compression was developed by the Envy Scooter brand. The idea behind this compression system was to provide a lighter option of HIC Compression. The compression system is built into the actual fork, unlike most compression systems. ICS is the lightest compression system, but also the weakest and toughest to use. To ride ICS you need a long ICS bolt, standard size bars, a threadless fork without a star nut, and a threadless headset. The reason why ICS can be a pain is because to tighten it, you have to take off your front wheel.  If you're a weight freak go for ICS.

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