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What Are Trick Scooters?

Basically all scooters come with the same make up. They have a deck or footplate upon which you stand, wheels, a brake to stop you, forks and bars to hold and steer, a headset to allow movement of the bars and a compression system and clamp to hold everything in place.



Standard Kids Scooters

These scooters are made for everyday riding and are normally used on paths. The materials used are not super high strength because they are usually used by young lightweight riders who are not likely to put excessive strain on the parts. Standard kid’s scooters can be used on jumps and ramps but are not designed to withstand constant jumps and impact. Quite often standard scooters are fitted with a folding mechanism making them perfect for storing and carrying around, but does result in a point of weakness in high impact situations.

In simple terms a "traditional scooter" is simply designed to get you from point A to B, quickly and comfortably.


Stunt (Trick) Scooters

A trick scooter is designed with scooter/skate park riding in mind. You should find that the stunt scooters parts are reinforced and are made of much tougher and often lighter weight materials. Because this style of scooter is often landed upon from heights, or spun through the air it is important it provides you with the confidence  that it is not going to collapse, crack or fall apart underneath you. Wheels on a stunt scooter are often metal core rather than plastic to also help withstand impact, and smaller as they are designed for acceleration. Compression systems and headsets are important to ensure bars spin freely and decks can be concave to provide extra control. Brakes are often flex fenders rather than sprung to reduce rattle and provide a more dialled ride.

Simply put, a trick scooter is designed for high impact jumps and tricks, and requires stonger parts do to so. They may not be as fast or as comfortable for long scoots.

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