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Sigma Rox 10.0 GPS Cycling Computer

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Sigma Cycling Computer - Rox 10.0 GPS

Professional equipment for professional needs!

Choosing a ROX series computer model means you want to do more than just record your speed and distance. Cycling is your passion and you want extensive ride data for both training and racing. The model you select determines just how detailed you want that information to be.

The new ROX 10.0 GPS is the first SIGMA SPORT bike computer with GPS. With its ANT+ compatibility, GPS receiver, and route navigation, it impresses as a bicycle computer with that extra something. 

Thanks to its five navigation functions, nine bike, nine heart rate, eight performance, and five altitude measuring functions, as well as several other functions, the ROX 10.0 GPS is the perfect companion for any professional athlete in training.

The PC interface and comprehensive DATA CENTER 3 evaluation and planning modules with map connection provide everything users could need when it comes to analyzing and planning training and trips.

Includes handlebar/ stem mount (suitable for Ø 22 - 38 mm), Data Center 3.1 (on CD), USB cable, USB charger. 


VIP Detailed Function Descriptions can be found in the Functions Tab

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Navigation functions: 

  • Time to destination
  • Time at destination
  • Distance to destination
  • Direction
  • Mini track navigation
  • Track back function
  • Off-track alarm
  • Wrong direction alarm
  • Waypoint alarm
  • GPS accuracy
  • GPS signal strength
  • Digital three-axis compass

Bike functions:

  • Current / average / maximum speed (up to 199,8 km/h)
  • Current vs. average speed comparison
  • Distance (up to 9.999,99 km)
  • Current/ average/ maximum cadence (optional)
  • Current/ average expansion (up to 10 rpm)

Total values (bike 1, 2 and 3):

  • Total distance (up to 99.999 km)
  • Total trip time (up to 9.999:59 h:m)
  • Total kcal (up to 999.999 kcal)
  • Total altitude gain/ loss (up to 999.999 m)
  • Total distance uphill/ downhill (up to 99.999 km
  • Total trip time uphill /downhill (up to 9.999:59 h:m)
  • Maximum altitude (up to 4.999 m)

Time functions:

  • Training time
  • Trip time
  • Time (12/24 h)
  • Date
  • Countdown timer
  • Stopwatch

Power functions (optional):

  • Current power (up to 2000 Watt)
  • Three second average power (up to 2000 Watt)
  • 30 second average power (up to 2000 Watt)
  • Average power (up to 2000 Watt)
  • Maximum power (up to 2000 Watt)
  • Work in kj (up to 99.999 kj)
  • Current power in watt/kg (up to 40 Watt/kg)
  • 1 power target zone (up to 2000 Watt)

Altitude measurement functions:

  • Current altitude
  • Gradient (%)
  • Current incline rate
  • Elevation profile for the last/ next 3 mi
  • Altitude loss/ gain
  • Maximum altitude
  • Altitude gain per lap
  • Altitude loss per lap
  • Distance uphill/ downhill
  • Trip time uphill/ downhill 
  • Ø - speed uphill/ downhill
  • Max. rate of ascent/ descent
  • Ø, max. incline uphill/ slope downhill
  • Ø - expansion uphill/ downhill (optional)
  • 3 preset start altitudes
  • Calibration using air pressure at sea level
  • Calibration via current altitude
  • IAC+: calibration via GPS coordinates

Lap functions:

  • Maximum no. of laps: 784
  • Current no. of laps
  • Lap time
  • Time since start
  • Lap distance
  • Distance since start
  • Average/ maximum speed per lap
  • Average/ maximum HR per lap
  • Kcal per lap
  • Average/ maximum cadence per lap(optional)
  • Average/ maximum power per lap (optional)
  • Average/ maximum altitude per lap
  • Altitude gain/ loss per lap
  • Average ascent / descent per lap 

Heart rate functions (optional):

  • Current / average/ maximum heart rate
  • HR as a % of HR max
  • Average % of HR max
  • Kcal 
  • 1 target zone
  • 4 intensity zones 
  • Automatic calculation of the intensity/ target and HR zone(s)


  • LOG book
  • GPS receiver 
  • Current/min./max. temperature
  • Low battery indicator-computer
  • 5 available languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian)
  • Automatic start/stop (can be switched on/off)
  • For three bikes
  • Automatic detection of the second or third bike (optional)
  • Backlight (duration configurable)
  • Zone alarm can be switched on/off (optional)
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Integrated storage chip for data backup (total and setting values)
  • Lithium ion accumulator (operating time: up to 13 hours, charging time via micro USB: approx. 3 hours)
  • Waterproof according to IPX7

PC interface (Micro USB):

  • Transmission of the settings to the bike computer
  • Automatic LOG book
  • Memory capacity: approx. 249 hours
  • Programmable recording interval: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds
  • Rest time calculation for selected memory interval
  • Waypoints
  • Transmission of the trip values/ total values to the PC

Data Center 3 functions:

  • Individual memory evaluation
  • Comparison of 2 individual memories
  • Summary of total values
  • Device settings via PC
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Calendar function
  • Track management: downloading, changing, creating and managing of tracks (supported formats: .gpx, .kml, .kmz, .slf, .smf)
  • Displaying the trip cycled and the planning of a trip in graph format on worldwide online OSM map material (via Data Center) with highlighted official and marked cycle tracks
  • Online OSM map (via Data Center) with optional contour lines and mountain shadows for a better assessment of the landscape profile
  • Displaying the speed, cadence, heart rate, and temperature in graph format
  • Comparison of two LOGs
  • Distribution of the heart rate zones
  • Intensity zone distribution
  • Start altitude correction available
  • Sub-area evaluation
  • Print all evaluations
  • Note function
  • Deletion of LOG sections/parts of the LOG

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