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SIX30 Mens Compression Tights

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SIX30 Mens Compression Tights

Compression pants boost circulation and reduce muscle vibration, allowing you to perform at your peak and reduce the risk of injury. Perfect for use during all sports, recovery and travel. 


  • Made with high denier lycra fabric
  • Breathable and moisture wicking material
  • Flatlock seam construction
  • Antibacterial
  • Suitable for all sports
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Size Guide:

Please refer carefully to our sizing chart below to ensure the best fit possible.

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We strive to ensure an accurate fit. If on arrival you find your compression tights do not fit you may return them for an exchange, store credit or refund.

Customer Reviews

Bang for your buck! Review by Basil
I've owned Skins, 2XU and Under Armour compression tights. In my opinion these tights are on par with the Under Armour tights, possibly a little better, and very close to the Skins and 2XU tights and given that it's at more than half the price than those 2 brands it's a no brainer... Go with these! They still do the same job and I like how the waist line is right on/below the hips so it hides under your shorts like undies and is comfortable around the waist even if you're not completely lean around there. I already have 3 pairs!
Extremely happy with these tights Review by Glenn
I've heard the guff about the compression products claiming to improve performance but am always wary of people who never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
What I have found is that I can verify the claims by SIX30 about "moisture wicking material". When I get to work with just my bike shorts on, they are wet. When I get there with the SIX30 compression tights under my bike shorts, the bike shorts and tights are dry. I was worried they would get too hot after the first few kilometres (as my fleece lined arm warmers do) but they don't. They keep me warm  but they don't get hot once I'm putting out my own body hear and they don't get wet. 
The other thing that I have noticed is that without the tights I feel my muscles in my legs and knees, that are telling me to ease up at various stages of the journey. With the SIX30 compression tights I don't feel any tightness in my muscles and don't have to ease up. SIX30 claims to "reduce the risk of injury" and I think that is what is happening here... those twangs are my body telling me to ease up or you'll get injured. So the tights are helping in that area. 
All in all I am very happy with the comfort/fit/moisture wicking and the way the compression tights keep my muscles feeling like I did a better job of stretching and warming up before my ride. I have no experience to draw on with other brands as these are my first experience of compression gear. I'm happy with what I've got and what they cost. You can pay alot more with other brands (usually to fund massive sponsorship deals they have with high profile sports people) but are they really any better? At three times the price they would need to be three times better. Thats a big ask!!
Good quality and great service Review by Bill
The compression tights are built of high quality and as noted on the website you probably need to go a size smaller than you normally would. I am a runner who runs up to 40-50km per week and have owned a few compression tights, some a lot more expensive than SIX30. In all honesty there is not much difference to the more expensive brands. I would buy again as good quality and great service.
I was surprised by the positive difference they make to my running Review by Ian
These are my first pair of compression tights so I can't really compare them to anything else. However, I was surprised by the positive difference they make to my running. The fit is great too. I followed the size guide and they fit perfectly. They are well made and I have not had any chaffing from the seams.
I must admit to being a sceptic with compression clothing. But I never felt this good with until I bought these Review by Steve
I ordered the tights and they were delivered the next day by express post. Very impressed. I wear a large in standard shorts and ordered a medium in the tights - perfect fit.
After having tired legs for a few days after a long hard ride, I wore them for a few hours after receiving them. My legs felt quite comfortable with none of the feeling of tiredness I was experiencing before.

On wearing them on my next ride, I found them comfortable and they didn't inhibit movement at all. I was curious to see how I felt at the start of the ride. It normally takes me up to 10k's for my muscles to warm up properly. During this time they can feel tight and lethargic. With the compression tights I felt none of this. 

The ride was only about 40k's, but there was some good hills to climb. There was the usual feeling of my muscles working hard on the climbs, but the recovery was quick, with none of the initital signs of cramping that I usually get. On the flatter sections with constant pedalling my legs felt good with no obvious signs of fatigue. 

When I returned home I realised that my legs felt as fresh as they did at the start of the ride.
I must admit to being a sceptic with compression clothing. To the untrained eye they don't seem any different to regular tights or leg warmers, but I never felt this good with leg warmers. BTW, they also keep your legs nice and warm too.
warm and comfortable and certainly aid recovery Review by Craig
Used my new SIX30 compression tights during my morning ride this morning. They were both warm and comfortable (5 degrees) and certainly aid recovery after a ride. Size and fit is spot on and I'm very happy with my purchase.

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What is compression clothing?
Scientifically designed body compression garments, when applied to specific body parts in a balanced and accurate way, accelerates blood flow. 

This allows more oxygen to flow through your working muscles, boosting your performance and helping you work at a higher rate for longer. 

The benefits of this are next explained.

Why is compression beneficial?
Strenuous physical activity can induce muscle damage, which may lead to decreased range of motion, swelling and impaired muscle function, all increasing the likelihood of injury.  

  • Compression garments can help reduce physical impact and damage associated with strenuous physical activity
  • Compression promotes blood lactate removal which enhances recovery and helps injury management
  • Compression improves the efficiency of the muscle and joint pumps
  • Compression wear assists blood flow back to the heart and make you more aware of your body's movements. Compression increases proprioception, which heightens senses and awareness for enhanced sustainability, agility and improved technique

In short your energy is harnessed to help you perform better, for longer, so that you enjoy the activity more and recover quicker. 

A side benefit of well designed compression sportswear is that it wicks sweat away from the body, preventing chafing and rashes. 

Why choose SIX30
compression clothes?
There is no need to pay the earth for technically designed yet still fashionable sports compression

  • SIX30 is a 100% Australian family owned business, as such we have very low management costs
  • SIX30 is only sold direct from us the manufacturer, to you, the customer… no agents, no middlemen... just low costs
  • SIX30 is only sold online. No expensive shop fittings, no high rents and low overheads. We pass the savings on to you!
  • SIX30 do not sponsor Michael Jordan for $60M a year!  We do not waste money on expensive advertising… therefore you save.

So read the reviews, give us a try and join 1000's of other satisfied customers.

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