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Veda Elbow Guards - CLEARANCE

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Veda Soft Elbow Guard

Product Description:

Right materials, right places. Kali Protectiion continues this product promise with the Veda soft elbow guards. 

Widely acclaimed as the most comfortable guards in the market, check out why!

Product Features:

• Aramid weave for expanded protection and durability

Anti “pull down” design, keeping your elbow protection in place

Washable, adjustable, anti-microbial materials

Quick adjustment with the precise fit strapping system

Internal elbow cup for protection from sharp impacts

• Fits under most jerseys

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Customer Reviews

good long term investment Review by saddlerags
“Good elbow protection and long-term durability”
The Good: don't slip, good protectionThe Bad: a bit tight at firstOverall Review: To pad or not to pad, that is the question...
For my riding style, I don't have a need for the full body suits of armor so individual pads come in handy and can be mixed and matched depending on the riding conditions du jour.
These elbow pads start out really tight and I had to keep checking to make sure I didn't accidentally order a size too small. I'm not a ripped dude either so just be fore-warned. After some rides they tend to stretch out a bit and are actually as comfortable as elbow pads like these get, which in reality is not all that comfortable, but hey that's the price of protection.
Also, despite the fact that "soft" is in the name, the protection for the elbow is a hard shell, which is nice to know that a sharp rock won't just go right through and wreck your day or season. I have a year's worth of riding out of them and expect to have a few more at the rate these are going. The cost is reasonably good so I'd say these Kali elbow pads are a smart investment.
light guards Review by Ed
Pros: Breathable, stays put, light

Cons: Non yet

Recommendation: I have has these for a few months now. I like them a lot there light as I carry them in my back pack untill I need them for the down hills.
good elbow pads Review by Bothell
These pads fit nice and snug and don't slip while riding. My arms aren't huge but I got the larges anyway and they fit great. They are slim enough to fit under the sleeves of my 3/4 jersey.

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Reviews on Kali Bike Armour


9 Oct 2011

"Product Name: Kali Protectives Veda Elbow Pads

Weight: 270g

Recommended Use: Agressive AM / FR / DH

Description:- A Nitrex foam-lined, flexible ABS shell to protect the elbow- A Kevlar-weaved synthetic elbow cup cover for extra durability against abrasion- Two additional Nitrex foam pads above and below the flexible ABS elbow shell- Six dense foam pads positioned on both sides of the elbow guard cuff to protect your ligaments- Perforated neoprene cuff for comfort and breath-ability- Slip-on style elbow guard that will fit under or over your jersey or base layer- Two large Velcro belts to keep the Veda elbow guard securely in place- Anti-microbial material that is fully washable

DESIGN & FIT:The Kali elbow pads offer a comfortable, light and sturdy solution to the alternative hard pads which are more restrictive in movement. I spent a full day in them at a resort and they were great under a jersey. They are low profile and don’t stick out. They slip on with a bit of effort and stay put, I didn’t think about them or have to adjust them at all. Beyond protection and comfort, a pad should “stay put” really well; these pads didn’t disappoint (whereas the popular 661 EVOs moved quite a bit once neoprene has stretched out).

The sizing on these is a head scratcher. They run one full size too small and when using them one size bigger, they are still snug (but not overly tight). This explains why they stay put so well, but it does create a little binding when they are new. I wore them for 6-7 hours one day and by day’s end, the internal rubberized material (that keeps the elbows from slipping down) on the upper arm had started to cut into my skin. Ouch! This is probably extreme, since on occasions where I wear them for 2-3 hours, I haven’t had the same experience occur.

CONSTRUCTION & FUNCTION:Construction is good and so far with a few rides in, they don’t show signs of stretching and wear that I’ve seen on the 661. They are however, warm to use on pedaly rides or where you need to HAB. Even with the perforation on the neoprene material… it is a wetsuit material afterall, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing a wetsuit, it’s not something you’d want to wear and go for a run in. That is the one of the tradeoffs you’d need to live with if you are considering these pads. But overall they work pretty well and do their job. Just don’t use them if you’re doing an epic and the temps are going to be warm.GOOD: Good looking elbow pads, low-profile and great for under the jersey. Quality construction, light at 270g and all around comfortable. Stays put — slip them on and forget about them.

BAD: The sizing is really off with these elbows, you’d want to buy one size up. When worn all day (beyond 6 hours), the no slip rubber ring on the inside did cut into my arm. They are perfect for 2-3 hour jump sessions however. Best used when outside temperatures are 70° F or cooler."


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Mr Gravity wears Kali Armour Protection

Mr Gravity wears KAli web size


Austin, aka Mr Gravity, sent us this amazing photo of him base jumping in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He actually purchased a set of Kali Knee Protectors as he had tried on a friends set, and found them to be the most comfortable he had worn.

When he sent this photo in, seeking sponsorship for his next jump, I asked the the obvious question, "why bother with protectors..if you crash your gonna die?". He replied it was in case of "small mishaps like knocking the exit platform or scraping into buildings".

Anyway he is getting a free set from us for his next jump!

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