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Velogear Reviews: Average Customer Rating 4.8/5

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  • Review by Adam
    sturdy & inexpensive
    This little pump is pretty sturdy! I mounted it to my bike with the low-profile mount, so it's tucked out of the way. It takes a little time to air up a tire with this little pump, but time is a good trade-off for size and weight.
  • Review by T Moore
    This is a useful, compact little thing. I didn't gt it for a bicycle, although I can see why it'd be popular for that. I have a cart with pneumatic wheels which is great, but the wheels tend to lose air after 2-3 months. So I needed a pump that was small and easily to store somewhere, that I didn't have to use a lot. This is easy to use, but you don't quite have the same kind of purchase you get with a bigger pump. It's a worthwhile trade, though, for its size. If I had to use a pump a lot for a bicycle (I don't do long-distance cycling, so it doesn't matter), I'd stick to the more conventional floor pump and use it in my garage. But this suits my needs
  • Review by M Spetana
    Small, Cheap, Decent and Works your arms!
    It's Small! It's light weight! It will give you a workout! So far I used it to fill some tires on my fixie it has the presta valves and it did the job.
  • Review by James Lyle
    small and compact
    Small and compact. It pumps reasonably well to 80psi with lots of pumps and effort. Gauge works. Good roadside pump
  • Review by F Russel
    Great little pump
    Great little pump! Changes valve types easily and even pumps to 110-110 psi for my road bike! The mount has added Velcro for extra security while riding!
  • Review by Steve Stone
    as expected
    Meets all expectations as Described!
  • Review by Mai
    Good Features really Good Price
    I love this pump! Compact enough to carry on your bike. When you pump, the air is sealed off and has a gauge. It's also at an affordable price
  • Review by Anthony Joseph
    Good Value Pump
    Great for emergency use but I wouldn't use it as a primary pump. When you get up to 70+ psi it takes some arm strength to pump. But for the price- very good value.
  • Review by Rolan
    Bargain Buy for 2 pumps
    Easy to use, small enough to have it on the bike permanently. I love this pump! I bought two (one for my son). I think it is of high quality. There is a gauge on it, but I don't rely on gauges
  • Review by Mick D
    Nicely priced.
    This little pump works great! The pressure gauge seems accurate enough. Nice price