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Velogear Reviews: Average Customer Rating 4.8/5

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1069 reviews
  • Review by Frank
    I like it because it is a full face helmet
  • Review by Old Fella
    Very Well Made
    Its great. Normally small pumps promise the earth but can hardly inflate your tyre to make it worth installing on a bike. This telescopic pump is extremely well made, can get up to around 100PSI if needed and does so without making you think it will fall apart in your hands.
  • Review by Dubbo Cowboy
    Neat Pump
    Neat pump, good pressure and fits neatly and discreetly onto bike with holder screwed into frame with bottle cage and velcro.
  • Review by Richard S
    Like It!
    I like this a lot. Small and light and blows the tyres up quickly enough
  • Review by luckytater
    This pump is light, small and powerful plus excellent value.
  • Review by Jeremy
    Awesome pump
    Works as advertised. Awesome little pump. Well made, lightweight and exactly what I was looking for.
  • Review by PoiterH
    Pretty Good
    It's what it says it is. Alloy steerer no big deal. Wish VG had at least put some bubble wrap around it when they sent it in a post pack.
  • Review by ThunderCycles
    Great, Fast, Stiff, Light Ride But Can Cut Tire Bead
    The bad: Cut 3 Vittoria Open Corsa EXII beads, blow outs at high speed and out of true out of the box. Found that Vittoria added a nylon protective coating on the bead to prevent cutting of bead by carbon clinchers on their Speed model. The good: Very fast wheels, very light, and stiff. Bearings are top notch and spin silky smooth. Comes with Carbon friendly brake pads and wheel bags. Awesome wheels. I would give a 5 star rating if they didn't cut tire beads.
  • Review by Wally Z
    this pump is very handy and well designed.
    Great pump. I've had it for about a year now, works great, gives accurate pressure gauge reading, easy to pump (even at higher pressures) and easy to put on the bike. I don't bother keeping a floor pump...this pump is very handy and well designed.
  • Review by William B
    This pump performed exactly as advertised. It has a fold-out stand so it operates like a floor pump, and its pressure gauge works perfectly. I easily achieved 95psi. of pressure. Good pump. Recommended.