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  • Review by Andrew
    Comfortable and stay in place
    Been riding with these shorts for a few months now and am impressed. Padding is good, fit is comfortable and I'm impressed with how well these shorts stay in place, no riding up the legs even on long rides. I use VG a bit and once again, Velogear haven't disappointed.
  • Review by Geoff
    Good with maintenance
    These pedals were intended to make my commuter more useful, allowing me to use cleats or non-cleated shoes. Good grip on non-cleated surfaces. First out of the box, the pedals spin roughly. So, pedals were carefully dismantled, all surfaces were intact, so old grease cleaned out of cups and off bearings, new grease loaded, and pedals reassembled with an adjustment to the tension on the cups and bearing retaining nuts. Pedals now spin more freely. Time will tell how good my maintenance skills are.
  • Review by Fonzo
    must have tool
    This works very good and strong its a must have tool.i recommend it got mine from Velogear Braeside.
  • Review by Danny
    Bullet proof
    I have used DT Alpine 3 spokes on wheels for bikes I have built for heavy riders (120kg plus), often combined with Sun Rhyno-lite rims. On both touring tandems and on heavily loaded touring bikes, the wheels have been trouble free over thousands of kilometers of often unsealed roads. While Alpine 3 spokes are not easy to buy or low cost I have never seen a broken one, even when damaged by objects caught in the spokes or chewed by chains coming off the rear sprocket. Recently I had to replace the hubs on my 15 year old touring bike, I rebuilt the wheels with the old rims and spokes, so far no problems and I don't expect any.
  • Review by Duckman
    Good & Affordable
    If you're looking for an affordable pedal that works quite well look no further.
  • Review by Zach
    Really pleased.
    After doing a bit of research I learned that pedals are an area where you can skimp on price but still get good quality. After shopping around I decided on these pedals from Velogear. They are sturdy, quiet, and hold the cleat and shoe securely. All for a great price. You can spend a lot more and not get any more pedal than this. After 3000km they still work like new!
  • Review by Wuss
    Overall a very solid pedal.
    Have been using this pedal for road bicycling for about a year. Never been disappointed. The pedal has been working smoothly for over 4000 km, requires no maintenance & clips in/out smoothly. Very well priced at with a set of cleats and Free Shipping from Velogear.Don't really see a reason to upgrade to the PD-540 or PD-770.
  • Review by E Welsh
    Great Value Easy To Use
    I'm new to clipless pedals and was hesitant on getting a set. I read a lot of the reviews before I finally decided to get the M520 pedals, especially since this was my first time clipping in. I mainly ride on gravel trails, road and on occasions to work. These have really come in handy and since using them I've noticed speed increases and efficiency. Clipping in/out is easy. Maintenance and cleaning is easy, I use an old toothbrush! Great Value for $$
  • Review by RS
    Most comfortable I tried
    I purchased a Nutcase Helmet instore at Velogear. I tried on several brands in this style and Nutcase was easily the most comfortable and best fit. Whilst more expensive than the others I chose a Nutcase because it was clearly the best fitting and most comfortable helmet. I purchased black as I preferred a plainer look!
  • Review by Alan A
    Bit Expensive but Oh So Comfy
    After having a few uncomfortable helmets I tried several helmet models out at the Velogear store in Braeside. The Nutcase street helmet was easily the best fit and most comfortable. So much so that it justified an extra $40 over my budget!