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Wanga Reynolds 631 Steel Frame - 18"

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 Wanga 631 Reynolds Tubing Frame


Special Reynolds 631 Steel Tubing Edition  

NOTE No Dropouts On Bike


If required they can be purchased here


Extremely versatile frame, and with the Aussie Dollar at a record high, at a great low price ! Steel is real.

Reynolds steel tube frame with 20mm sliding aluminum (vertical) dropouts for geared or one speed use.Adjustable dropouts have built-in tensioners to prevent slippage.Designed for 100mm fork with 470mm axle-to-crown fork.Sloping top tube, extended seat tube, offset machined headtube, detachable brake bosses, plus metal head badge.

  • Brake: International Standard 51mm disc mount or linear brake.
  • Approximate weight: 4.0 lbs/2.0 kg
  • Headset: 1-1/8"
  • BB: 68mm English threaded
  • Seatpost: 27.2mm (not included)
  • Front Derailleur: 28.6mm (not included)


See what the riders have to say:

MTBR Reviews 4.4/5

"This frame is legendary. Fast light incredible handling, its a keeper, The Haro came closest to this without the finesse or livliness of this frame. No other hardtail in many years riding compares to this. If you get the chance buy one, I dont see how you could ever regret it."

"I love this bike. It rides really well, great fun on twisty singletrack and climbs pretty damn good too. I've only run it singlespeed thus far, which was a piece of cake to set up with the paragon sliders, but it has got me climbing so well that I'm going to chuck some gears on it and use it in some XC races this season. One small problem that I've had with it running singlespeed is that the sliders can slip under load, but the easy fix for this was to get two small locknuts to put on the adjustment screws to prevent them from vibrating loose while riding.

Mine is the 08 version, made from Voodoo's in house "Black Magic" Cromoly steel blend, not the older reynolds tubing version, but even so the frame weighs in at around 4.5lbs, which is not bad all things considered. The construction of the frame is really nice, but the paint finish, while great looking, is a bit too easy to scratch. Things like the removable v-brake bosses are a nice touch, but I'm not a fan of the top tube cable routing."



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Customer Reviews

The best. Review by Graspington Mandibles
The finest hardtail frame I have ever ridden in over 50 years of riding all sorts of bikes. The paint is beautiful but soft. The handling sublime, nothing has ever been as good as this frame to ride over single track. Sharp yet stable, fast yet flexible. I will keep this bike until I can no longer ride. Of all my bikes over many years this, and the first bike I ever rode, will be the ones I keep.
Best hard-tail I've ever ridden. Review by Stefan
Just back from a 40 km road and firetrail ride in loose steep country and I feel compelled to finally write the review I've meant to on my Voodoo Hoodoo (almost identical frame) for a couple of years. When space required me to cut my bikes down to one I decided to go steel hardtail - my favourite - and having ridden a Voodoo in the mid '90s, owned a steel Diamondback and read plenty of reviews the almost worn out Aluminium hard-tail and the full suspension XC went and the Voodoo was it.

The bike is set up with Fox Vanilla R forks set on 110mm travel and the ride position is very conservative, with the bars just above seat height on a 135mm, 15 degree rise stem (a position I discovered by accident after a front fork failure and very dodgy repair and after a month of not going to town and a bike shop ended up really liking). This set-up is all about road/trail use, the tyres are Geax Evolutions and there is a rack on the back for longer day adventures - all of which reflect the fact that around here every dirt ride involves equal or more km on the road.

How does it ride? If you get the feeling its flexing all over the place under you, well that goes away in a half hour or so and (after an Alu hardtail) you just think "comfortable". Get onto the dirt and the first loose climb gives you the feeling that the back of the bike just settles, digs in and grabs traction (even with the Geax's). Out of the saddle efforts of a small tubed steel frame and Fox forks initally feel a bit wobbly and unusual - even with Velocity Cliffhangers holding the tyres on - but it doggedly puts the power down with minimal fuss and the front end doesn't lift as much as my old Alu hardtail with a traditional XC race position. It gets further up the loosest sections too.

As the track stretches along the saddle of the hills the loose, rocky rolling terrain allows the bike its head and an easy stance, loose in the arms and legs and this bike is really quick - and quiet, deceptively so for a hardtail - the back of the bike with unfashionably high tyre pressures needed on the road to get to the trailhead efficiently doesn't bounce around or kick up. A couple of little rockgardens fail to upset its composure and the Fox Voodoo combination feels delightfully balanced.

A little rain in the midst of a long dry spell have dumped rocks from 10 to 60mm (half an inch to two and a half inches) in the eroded 4wd wheeltracks making the best lines of the downhill seriously loose, but heh, there's the dusty lines beside and between them. My Hilux comes up these hills in 4wd, 2nd gear low ratio with a little wheelspin here and there.

The Voodoo and the Fox let me squeeze hard on the front brake when I need to wipe off a bit of speed, a little rear brake keeps the bike straight and allows the rear a gentle slide in the loosest corners. As the spur flattens out a little it's off the anchors and let her have her head. Left, right, left, loose and rocky, bank on the right, drop on the left then back uphill for 50 metres. The rear wheel sits solid with just a bit of oversteer but it kicks out where the bank of the right has collapsed in a mini-landslide and poured loose stuff all over the track. Still smooth its straight back in line again and I push up the little incline and onto the brakes for a steep loose section before the final few hundred metres of hardpack and a section rich in brown snakes that keeps the speed down and my eyes peeled.

I rode for 50 minutes to get to the top of the hill - 20 in granny gear up the ridge; the first fast but mild downhill section took under five. Just under 10 minutes down that beautiful loose steep section and I'm back on the road for a 15km spin home on the bitumen.

That's why my Hoodoo is set up as a road/trail, a lot of effort for not a lot of time on the dirt. But its so much fun, way more fun than my Alu hardtail, more fun than my full suspension whizz-bang too. I guess that's my thing - I love hardtails, I'm biased - but until you've ridden a steel Voodoo you haven't ridden a hardtail. You might think its not rigid enough, might think you're loosing power but do you favourite ride on both Alu and a Voodoo and time it. About 15 minutes faster that the Alu on a 10 degree cooler day.

And so much more fun...

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