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O.L.D. Guide

A Basic Guide to the O.L.D. of Hubs.

The spacing of a frame/fork is measured from the inside surfaces of the dropouts, where they come into contact with the locknuts of the wheel’s axle.

“O.L.D.” (Over-Lock-nut Dimension) is the hub spacing as measured from the outside face of the lock nuts.

So hub spacing and O.L.D. are synonomous - just that O.L.D. is the term generally used.


A Common Guide To Hub Spacings (O.L.D.)

  • 100mm – Most modern front hubs, including quick release, BMX and some thru axle types
  • 110mm – Some thru axle front hubs including 20mm and boost standards
  • 110mm rear – B.M.X. | Singlespeed | Coaster
  • 117mm rear - Sturmey Archer Kickback
  • 120mm rear – Modern Track hubs
  • 120-130mm - rear Flip Flop Hubs
  • 126mm rear – Screw On Multispeed -Older 5/6 speed road bikes
  • 130mm rear – Road Bikes - non disc
  • 135mm rear – QR MTB | most QR disc road bikes
  • 135mm front – Fat Bike
  • 141mm rear – QR Boost
  • 142mm rear – thru axle rear hubs
  • 148mm rear – boost standard thru axle hubs
  • 150mm front – Fat Bike
  • 150mm rear – DH Bikes
  • 157mm rear – Super Boost standard thru axle rear hubs
  • 170/177/190 and 197mm rear – Fat bike rear hub sizes
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