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  • Review by Dean
    Comfortable suit
    Padding in the pants is not really noticeable when walking or swimming. Suit is great for keeping the sun off my back while swimming outside, great to swim in. I've not run or ridden in it, feels like it would be good.
  • Review by Roze1
    Originally chose a different brand of leg and arm warmers, but were out of stock. The team recommended this brand and very happy with it. Great product, and great customer service. Thanks!
  • Review by Roze1
    Great arm warmers
    Originally chose a different brand of arm and leg warmers, but as they were out of stock, the team recommended these ones. Very happy with these quality arm warmers! Great product and great service!
  • Review by Deano
    Lightweight and very comfortable. I use it for swimming, it is all lycra, perfect fit. Small chamois, hardly notice it.
  • Review by Trailbyfire
    Gnarly tyres
    These tyres grip like nothing else I've ridden. On the rear I run a 2.3 DD DHR but up front is a 2.5 DHF supertacky. The rear tyre has no trouble propelling me up the climbs, even on steep rock faces (as long as pressures are good). The front isn't as well protected and is a bit sluggish uphill, but that's the price you pay for the extra width, grip and confidence. Running 20psi, this sucker holds on to loose over hard surfaces all the way to the bottom. Living in the desert I couldn't tell you how it goes in saturated conditions though. Treat yourself, get a set!
  • Review by Thecyclecook
    The Metro MTB Tyre 26 x 1.9 was excellent for my cycle from Perth to Melbourne. The side knobs proved useful pulling off the Nullarbor bitumen for roadtrains & also off road, such as the Munda Biddi trail.
  • Review by Craig
    great Valve stem!
    Nice steel valve stem even on the AV type of tube I ordered. Looks like a good product so far. ;)
  • Review by Dee
    Great bike bag.
    I used to pack my avanti in a cardbord box but this bike bag is definately worth the money. It is easy to assembly and carry around the airport. The bike arrived with no scratches. Great product.
  • Review by Adrian
    Good quality bag
    Would highly recommend this bag. it is light, well designed and value for money.
  • Review by Wal
    Keep these in stock
    Bought both the 25c and 28c, 25 for front wheel and 28c for back wheel (for little more comfort). Replaced Kenda Kontender 26c with these tyres. Can notice the difference with the 25c tyre on front - front nippier. Put them in the sun to warm them up before putting on. Able to put the 28c on without levers, but 25c bit tighter, needed levers. Two rides to date (80+ kms) and like the feel of them. Based on other reviews of the Maxxis Refuse, and my limited experience, these will be my go to for tyre replacement. Pricing is very competitive with the 17.5% discount and free shipping. Delivery from Velogear prompt as usual.

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