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  • Review by Rednblack
    Great urban tyre
    This is my choice for urban all rounder, great tread, soft enough whilst durable, rolls over anything.
  • Review by Highland rider
    Great recovery
    Purchased a pair ,didn’t try till I damaged the saiatic nerve in my left leg ,after a few trips to the chiropractor still no better,went to bed with the tights on next morning heaps better,kept them on all day pain disappeared,when ever it returns on they go ,I am now a strong believer in compression for recovery
  • Review by Duncan
    My leg warmers from Anaconda were about $5 more, made of a lycra material, have a silicon band to stop slippage. These are cotton, have no silicon band and if the full price is believed, too expensive for what they are. They did keep my legs warm, but slip constantly. I wish i had gone back to Anaconda.
  • Review by Duncan
    Amazing Tyre
    My bike's original rear tyre (Schwalbe Racing Ralph) lasted only about 1400km, mostly on paths but with some off road. The Ardent lasted about 5300km, 1000+km off road. No comparison.
  • Review by Darren
    Good choice
    I had been hunting around endlessly for arm warmers that listed a temperature range. These are quoted on the website as being for the 10-15 degree range - I would say that's spot on, they're certainly a lot warmer than my old arm warmers. For me around 15 degrees these were getting a bit too warm - so for me definitely a better choice than the thermal version.
  • Review by GT
    Great knee pads
    Super comfortable, don't slip down, great for pedaling & enough protection for DH. Need to remove shoes to get on and off but I just pull them down over my ankles on the long climbs then up over the knees for the downhills. Recommended.
  • Review by Bronson
    Fantastic turns ur tourer into an adventure bike!
    Great tyres, surprised how it goes on tar, fast rolling! Very good on dirt also.
  • Review by Dicky
    Excellent Service and Product
    Quick delivery from the store and what a great product. Previously had a limited bar mount mirror on a wire mount that had poor optics and unstable. This mirror is extremely well manufactured with interference fit brass threaded nuts and bright and clear convex mirror lens, easy to fit and offers great rear vision with no vibration or distortion. Highly recommend for commuter road use.
  • Review by Dave
    Nice looking chain
    I put this chain on a 1963 3 speed bike, the nickel plating makes the bike look really shmick. Have had no problems with it in use, will use it on a 50's Speedwell I'm restoring.
  • Review by Peter
    Great low profile stem
    I needed a low stack height stem for a fork with a short steerer. Velogear and Spank Spike to the rescue. Not much to tell, it fits and it looks pretty good too. Great value for money.

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